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Calcutta`s Mahabodhi to Build Buddhist Monastery in Nepal

Kathmandu, July 20: Calcutta based Mahabodhi society is to build a
Buddhist monastery at a cost of about Rs 10 million at Lumbini, the
birth-place of the Buddha, in Nepal.
        An agreement to this was signed between the society`s Sri
Lankan General Secretary Vishnu Bipulsar Mahashtabir and Vice-Chairman
of the Lumbini development trust Prof. Asha Ram Shakya.
        The Mahabodhi society is an international center for Buddhist
learning, established some 100 years ago by a Sri Lankan monk Anagarika
Dharampal, who worked for several years in India.
        According to Prof. Shakya, the construction would be completed
within three years.
        LDT is an autonomous organization, established in 1985, for
carrying out developmental activities in Lumbini in accordance with the 

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