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Re: Shiva Lingham proper rituals and Pujas

In article <31677n$n2g@ucunix.san.uc.edu> benkai <benkai@netcom.com> wrote:

: While in India, hiking through some mountains, I found a Shiva lingham half 
: burried, or it found me.  I was quite amazed with it's energy and power. 
: I brought it home and feel I need to do some things to activate it but do
: not know proper procedure.  Where do I get information?  I realize the 
: responsibilities that comes with it.  Please help.

Tell me something, when you visit other countries, do you normally go 
around vandalizing them?  Your stealing the Shiva linga is a crime under 
the Indian Antiquities Act.

A shiva linga is just a piece of stone.  Unless it has been duly 
installed and is worshipped regularly, it has no power.  The only 
exceptions are the svayambhu (or self-created) lingas.  If it was one of 
those, then it shouldn't have been moved.  If Shiva Bhagavan had the good 
sense to put it there, who are you to move it?  More likely, it just came 
from a disused temple and has no value.  Well, maybe it has archeological 
value, but thanks to you we'll never know.

If you're really concerned about responsibility, on your next trip you'll 
put it back where you found it.

-- Jaldhar

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