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Re: Bhaja Govindam ( Seek Govinda Seek God ) 2/3 -long-

I was very happy to see the translation of the Bhajagovindam and the background
information on Adi Shankaracharya. I could recite bhajagovindam in my childhood
but did not know complete meaning of it till today.  Thanks to the person who
posted it.  Is Bhajagovindam also called by the name `Charpat Panjari'?

Similarly, would somebody also post the translations of Ganapati Atharwashirsha
and Rudra; translations and meaning of Mrityunjaya Jap(a) and Gayatri Jap(a). 
I am unaware if anybody has posted one of the above in the past.

Satish Y. Deodhar

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