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Maharashtra Amends Hindu Succession Act, Rights to Daughter

      Bombay, July 31 (PTI) The Maharashtra government has, in
a revolutionary step, amended the Hindu succession act, 1956,
conferring equal coparcenary (joint ownership) rights to
daughter in a joint hindu family governed by the "mitakshara"
      Daughter of a coparcener (joint heir) in a joint Hindu
family shall by birth become a coparcener in her own right in
the same manner as a son and have the same rights in the
coparcenary property as she would have had if she had been a
son, inclusive of the right to claim by survivorship, the
hindu succession (maharashtra amendment) act, 1994 states.
      The governor gave his consent on saturday to the
amendment inserted as section 29-a, 29-b and 29-c in the
central government's hindu succession act, 1956, as applicable
to the state. the state legislature had passed a bill to make
the amendment the previous day.
      The amendment, effected to achieve the constitutional
mandate of equality before law as a fundamental right and to
eradicate the baneful system of dowry, becomes applicable with
retrospective effect from june 22, 1994, the day the when the
policy for welfare of women was announced by the state

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