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Re: Common features of all religions

I'd hate to think I'm turning into the resident curmudgeon of alt.hindu 
but this post was so silly I had to respond.

In article <31mku8$s26@ucunix.san.uc.edu> bi@jupiter.cs.swin.oz.au
(Bhaskar Iyer) wrote:

: =============

: All religions are equally great and true. 

Not true.  If it were wouldn't the followers of Sai Baba slaughter goats 
on Id as Islam demands?  Or do you believe along the lines of George 
Orwells book "Animal Farm" all religions are equal and some are more 
equal than others.

: They are all but different
: pathways leading to the same goal.

Not true.  If you read my earlier posts, I have shown how the Vedantic 
concept of Moksha and the Buddhist concept of Nirvana is different.  
Similiarly the goal of Christians, Muslims and Jews, to reach Heaven is 

: They all emphasize the brotherhood
: of man and fatherhood of God.

Does Tantra emphasize the FATHERhood of God.  Does Jainism even emphasize 

: All religions preach that man should love
: his fellowbeings and all the creation.

Actually, Christianity and Islam preach that man should kill those of his 
fellowbeings that don't share their views.  Take a look at a newspaper.
: All religions exhort their people, "be good, see good, do good".

But the definition of good is mostly different in every Human culture.

If you really believe what you say, I challenge you to post this article 
to newsgroups of other religions and see what kind of a reception you get.

-- Jaldhar

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