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A Report On The Recently Concluded South Eastern Conferrence YUVA '94

*****A Report On The Recently Concluded South Eastern Conferrence YUVA '94 *****

The recently concluded South Eastern Conferrence YUVA '94 at Atlanta was
altogether a different experience. This was jointly hosted by the HSC chapters
of Georgia Tech and Emroy Universities.

The conference took off with the welcome address and was followed by an address, given by Dr. Mahesh Mehta ( popularly known as Maheshbai or Mehtaji) who is the president of VHP of America. He stressed on the need to unify all Indians on a common platform and prevent the erosion of rich Hindu traditions and culture. It was also pointed out that an average Indian is totally ignorant of his own heritage and culture. He stressed the need to eradicate the caste system which plagues India.

After his address there was a group interaction session where a discussion was
initiated on self confidence among the Indian students. It was observed that most of 2nd generation Indians have a feeling of lost indentity as neither they follow Hindu traditions nor American traditions totally. They hang in the middle like TriShanku Swargam. American kids make fun of our name, appearance, and religion. However this does not mean that we should remove the name but we must let other guys know what the name means and also our culture which they would definitly appreciate. Infact this was a real life experience for one of families at Atlanta. 
After the discussion there was a talk on career oppurtunities for the students
and on the most lucrative careers. An attempt to explain the trend and to 
predict the future was made. Being an Indian, the type of problems one has to face was discussed. There were some interesting findings and the analysis was done keeping in view of recent Clinton policies and health reforms. There is one thing we should be proud of i.e. emerging alternate medicine (involving Yoga, Meditation). Books on this medicine, written Deepak Chopra book (concerning Mind, Body and Medicine) are avaliable.  

All this had taken up a lot of time and a sumptuous lunch was provided by HSC chapter of Georgia Tech and Emroy Universities.

After the lunch there was another Group Interaction session on the Fundamentals
of Hinduism. Here an attempt to discuss the meaning and the implementation of
Hindu principles was discussed. It was agreed that "SANATHANA DHARMA" is the 
basic policy of Hinduism and Hinduism stands for it. 

The convention was concluded by Swami Yogeshananda (Ramakrishna mission, Atlanta. Swamiji kindly agreed to visit Auburn University to give GITA
lectures next month)

After this dinner was served. 

A cultural program was held by HSC chapter of Gerogia Tech Univ., signifying the end of the meet. 

ThanK You

Karanam Srinivas Kumar
(HSC Co-ordinator-Auburn University)


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