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Source for books (Re: Looking for transliteration of Devi Kavacha)

In a previous article, jpaul@netcom.com (JP) says:

>Can anyone direct me to where I might obtain a transliteration of the 
>Devi Kavacha?  The usual sources (Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Vedanta Press) do 
>not seem to carry it.  Thanks.

You can try Twenty First Century Bookstore in Fairfield, Iowa. Their number
is 1-800-593-2665. They ship anywhere in the world and have a very good
variety of New Age books, also a lot on Hinduism, astrology (Jyotish in
particular), etc. etc. Iowa may seem like a 'corny' place to look for this
kind of stuff, but it's all there, and more. If they don't have the title
you are looking for, they will order it for you, including books only
published in India. In my experience they have good contacts there.

Regarding Devi Kavacha, there is a book Gems from the Chandi (A Collection
of the Divine Mother's Favorite Hymns) by Swami Satya Nanda Saraswati, which
has sanskrit, transliteration and translation of many Devi hymns, incl.
Kavacha. Published by Devi Mandir Publications (3100 Pacheco Boulevard;
Martinez, CA 94553; ph. (415)370-9099). Hope this helps.

Note: I bear no relation to either of the agencies mentioned in this article. 
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when information grows unprofitable, sleep.
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