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Re: McDonald's openning chains in India (fwd)

In article <Cun9ML.BDJ@quotron.com>,
raghu@jadzia.quotron.com (Raghothama Cauligi) wrote:
> Meat eating is not prohibited by the Vedas. In fact, there are
> numerous references to eating meat by all classes. Hindus as a
> rule, do not eat beef, other than that there is not anything in
> the religious texts that expressly prohibit consumption of meat.
> Again, the Hindu religion/culture does not prohibit meat eating.

     It is time to cite some passages from Ved(ic) and Hindu texts
to invalidate the above:

"Without doing injury to living things, flesh cannot be had
 anywhere; and the killing of living things is not consucive to
 heaven; hence eating flesh should be avoided."
                                                     - DHARM SHASTR
"Do not injure the beings living on earth, in the air and in the
                                                        - YAJUR VED
"Ahinsa is not causing pain to any living being at any time through
 the actions of one's mind, speeach or body."
                                               - SANDILYA UPANISHAD
"Whatever I dig from Earth, may that have quick growth again.  
 O Purifier, may we not injure your vitals or your heart."
                                                       - ATHARV VED
"Ahinsa [non-violence] is the highest Dharm.  It is the highest
 purification.  It is also the hihest truth from which all Dharm
                                                     - MAHAABHAARAT
"Everyone should make offerings to all creatures; thereby one
 achieves the propitiation of all creatures.  Every day one should
 make gifts, even if it be only with a cup of water; thus one
 achieves the propitiation of human beings."
                                                        - YAJUR VED
"What is virtuous conduct?  It is never destroying life, for
 killing leads to every other sin."
                                                        - TIRUKURAL
"When one is established in non-injury, beings give up their mutual
 animosity in his presence."
                                                        - YOG SOOTR
"One should never do that to another which one regards as injurious
 to one's own self.  This, in brief, is the rule of Dharm. Yielding
 to desire and acting differently, one becomes guilty of  Adharm."
                                                     - MAHAABHAARAT
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