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In a pervious article, cybermonk@txinfinet.com requested scholars who did 
NOT hold the view/concept of a race by name of Aryan.

At the outset I must say that I do not hold much scholarly knowledge on 
the subject, but have come across some literature of a non-academic kind 
that may be of use to some...

My own understanding is that the 'Aryan' term was first used in a context 
of race last century.  Max Muller and a few contemporaries had used this 
theory to explain linguistic or cultural similarities between peoples of
distant cultures - initially in etymology, and later as racial propoganda.

The Sanskrit term, means 'of noble birth' and some scholars attach no 
further significance of a material nature to this word.

In my possession I have a book titled 'ARYANS: Who were they?' written by 
Shriram Sathe, published in english by Bharatiya Itihasa Sankalana 
Samiti, of Mysore June 1991.

It is a general text aimed at a broad readership, with an impressive list 
of quotes, authors and academics.

It attempts to challenge the notion of the 'Aryan civilisation':

Swami Vivekananda:
"... In what Veda, in what Sukta, do you find that the aryans came into 
India from a foreign country?  Where do you get the idea that they 
slaughtered the wild aborigines? ..." The East and West p104

Dr Devendraswaroop of Delhi - a lecture in Nagpur on 'The genesis of 
Aryan Race Theory', May 1988

A few years ago circa 1990 there was a seminar sponsered by the Mythic 
Society on the subject.

Dr N R Waradapande: Lectures on 'Aryan Invasion - A Myth' - Also a book
published in 1990.

Dr S.R. Rao of Goa, Dr K.V. Ramesh,  Dr Madhav Kati of Mysore, Dr 
Srinivas Ritti, Dr S.b. Deo of Pune, Dr Gururajarao, Dr Narasimhamurthy and 
Dr A. Sundar of Dharwad are other names mentioned.

G Erdosy, Articles in 'South Asian Studies'.

B K Thapar,  Director General, Archaelogical Survey of India: 
'Archaelologically it cannot be proven that the Aryans came from outside'.

Dr S.P. Gupta: that 'Aryan Race' and 'Aryan invasion' theories have no 
scientific base.

In 1978 UNESCO sponsored 'Ethnic movements during the second millennium 
B.C.' attended by Ninety scolars from several countries, including a 
seven member team from India (Dr R B Lal et al): 'There is no conclusive 
evidence of 'Aryans' immigration into India from outside according to the 
Indian team of historians, archaeologists and linguists...'

There are several more quotes in the book, and it has an extensive 
bbliography,  which I shall not reproduce.  The above information may 
give interested people a starting point.

There are a number of authors mentioned with a counter-opinion,  and many 
would agree that most outsiders accept the notion of an 'Aryan 
civilisation'.  If one accepts that there was no Invasion / Super race, 
then it leaves many questions unanswered as to the great similarities of 
cultures and language across the globe.

I would be very interested if anyone has other suggestions!

Nikesh Lalchandani
Sydney, Australia 

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