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Reg. Dating of the Mahabharat/Ramayan

[ Posting on a friend's behalf ]

From: Pawan Varma <edpxv@huber.com>
Subject: Dating of the Mahabharata/Ramayana

Namaskar, Prasadji.

     It occurred to me, while reading your mail on the dating of these
major events in Bharat's history, that the work being done is very
important.  At first, it seemed like a futile exercise to argue about
dates of events which happened millenia earlier.  But since Indians are
following so closely in the footsteps of the West, it seems like this type
of solid proof is a fantastic way of maintining the dignity of our culture.

     We come from the most enlightened civilization on Earth.  In the
past, ignorant attitudes of the Western powers have resulted in the
dismissal of our heritage; it is not of any consequence.  Have you seen
'Planet of the Apes'?  The attitude I am talking about is that of the Apes
insisting that they were always ruling the Earth.  Then, upon discovery of
the ruins of Manhattan, they chose to hide the finding instead of dealing
with the fact that their beliefs could be wrong.

     In the present, even while India and its people are struggling to
shake off their history and become more Western, America and Europe are
re-discovering India.  Ayurveda is becoming a well-established system of
health.  Vedic Mathematics is being examined with surprise and admiration
by many scholars and teachers across the globe.  Studies into different
aspects of Yoga are resulting in the affirmation of centuries-old knowledge.

     In the same vein, the confirmation of the dates of the Mahabharata
and Ramayana will place irrefutable evidence in the validity and antiquity
of India's history and culture.  Perhaps in this light, we can begin to
bring Indians back to their own culture and away from the destructive and
short-sighted culture of the West.

     Actually, on this topic, I would like to request anyone with
information on the practical application of Vedic knowledge to please
contact me at this e-mail address.  I am compiling material for a campaign
to promote Indian culture (both inside India and abroad).

     I would appreciate if you could post this mail on alt.hindu.

- Pawan

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