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Re: Buddhism in the Middle East

In article <mccombtmCu2xtt.M8G@netcom.com>, lreuter@mail.sas.upenn.edu (Leonard F Reuter) says:
>In article <1994Aug4.011238.27664@Princeton.EDU> sinha@lobby.ti.com (Arun Sinha) writes:
>>Can anyone provide me with references to the spread and practice
>>of Buddhism in the Middle east from the earliest times.
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Arun Sinha
>Interesting question.  There are Buddhist burials around Alexandria,
>probably dating to the early 4th century AD, though it is believed that
>these were merchants involved in Indo-Roman trade.  You might try looking
>at histories of the Syrian Church as well since there was a lot of
>documentation during the early period.  There is a chapter on the
>transmission of the Buddha's life into Medieval Europe in a book by
>Arberry, but I forget the title.
> [Stuff Deleted]

Thanks for the  response.  Could you please suggest some references about the
items mentioned above (Syrian Church,  burials around Alexandria, etc.)

What about Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I find it hard to believe that Buddhism did not
penetrate Iran at least, especially since it had spread to  Afghanistan,
Bukhara and Samarkand.


Arun Sinha
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