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Science and Vedic Literature

>From jvyas@ritz.mordor.com Sat Aug 13 20:25:21 EDT 1994

:In article <32bqjb$8f6@ucunix.san.uc.edu> you wrote:

: : This is the problem.  "Modern" Hindus are weak in faith.  They think that 
: : being "scientific" will bolster their faith but in fact it will only 
: : accelerate their decline into atheism.

: And how is that? If science proves that the Vedic literature is correct,
: it would seem to me that this would strengthen the faith of Hindus.

Unfortunately, what you say is true to a great extent - faith is dependent upon proof.

>What if science proved the Vedic literature was wrong?  What would you 
>do?  Modern Hindus either abandon their faith for science  or twist the 
>words of science to match their faith.  Both of these outcomes are very 

Vedic literature can never be proved wrong unless it is science that is twisted to 
deliberately prove it.

: On the 
: other hand, if we let this view that Lord Krishna and other great
: personalities were myths go unchallenged, we leave ourselves open to 
: conversion to religions with more 'historical' prophets, or degenerate into 
: atheism. 

Vedic literature is significantly more than the mere existence of Lork Krishna
and other great personalities. That Any proof about the invalidity of Vedic literature
gives rise to conversion of religions may be true but even if 10 billion people
convert religions the validity of vedic literature will remain the same.

Just to explain what I am saying - let us say science proves that chanting the
Gayatri Mantra is useless. Let us further say that because of this proof, several
million Hindus become atheists or convert to other religions. All of this does not
in any way reduce the effectiveness of the mantra. It will (when chanted properly)
continue to evoke a sine wave (a form of energy) and have its good effects.

Belief comes from within. Science has more pitfalls than the oldest Vedic literature.
Look at the life-style of people adhering to the Vedic literature. They eat in banana
leaves. It is 100% recyclable. Poses no health hazards of improper cleaning. Poses no
problem of disposing since it is bio-degradable. It is also naturally occurring.
science cannot realize it even after several centuries of existence. Vedic literature
is infinitely complex for Science to understand. We can wait for another million years
before Science catches up with Vedic literature. (Ofcourse there are several million

>Only if we accept the premise that history is superior to tradition.  (In 
>which case we have already lost and it is only a matter of when we convert not
>if.)  I think an ahistorical religion is actually more secure than a historical
>one.  The theory of evolution, the findings of archeologists which cast 
>doubts on biblical accounts etc have caused tremendous upheavals in 
>Christianity, Traditional Hinduism has survived modernity intact.  

History has been coated with who-ever was in power to suit their likings. Tradition
is (also) tainted but to a lot lesser extent.  And yes we have lost the Vedic
tradition. May be that is why science calls it REsearch instead of search.

: With that in mind,
: why are you so afraid of looking for evidence of historical authenticity of
: the scriptures? 

>Because, as several posts in this thread show, the modern Hindus are not 
>afraid to manufacture evidence when it suits their agenda.  If people 
>wish to study history as a leisure activity, that's fine with me.  I do 
>so myself.  However history should never be used as a guide to how to 
>conduct your life. 

Relax. Do not be worried over fools converting to other religions. They are not
worth being Hindus anyways.
: --
: -- Krishna

-- Jaldhar


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