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HINDUISM: Is it outdated?

In an article in s.c.i. ro11@crux4.cit.cornell.edu (Rohan Oberoi) writes:
>> Everywhere that faith is prescribed, it is blind faith.  There is no 
>> other kind. 
>> If it is claimed without evidence in a text that, when you die, you do not
>> stay dead, but instead are reincarnated; and, if no reliable evidence is
>> available to support this claim; then the only rational response is 
>> to throw said text in the appropriate receptacle provided for the 
>> disposal of waste.  Elevating such a text to a status of high acclaim
>> is not merely "blind" faith; it is an act of idiocy.  Enough said on the
>> subject of the Hindu holy texts, or of any other holy texts.

I was debating within my mind whether I should try to list all the
questions that are raised against the PROPAGANDA of the scientific
community based upon evolutionary theories (that I know are not yet 
answered and neither will be answered in the near future given the 
progress rate) or limit myself to a few major one concerning some of 
the topics as: "Evolution of Universe" and "Evolution of Life" and 
also the *JARGON* used by them to describe some of the phenomenon 
involving these things.

The *jargon* used by the scientific community is no less *mythical* 
then what is said in the Vedic scriptures.

I will only list a few: 

Evolution of Universe - Big Bang

	Multiply-splitting universes
	Cosmic Wormholes (time-space tunnels)
	Time-reverse rebounding universe
	The state of Singularity (beginning of Big Bang)
	Black Holes
	White Holes/Quasars (time-reverse Black Hole)
	Grand Unified Theory (Inflationary universe)
	11 (eleven) dimensions of space-time

Evolution of Life (from chemicals)

	The primordial organic soup
	Evolution of DNA gyrase enzyme from random 
	  rearrangement of molecules
	Development of Vision/Eyes
	No Explaination for "Consciousness"

And here are a couple of quotes from the Discoverers of DNA:

	Nobel Laureate Francis Crick said, "An honest man, armed with
	all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that
	in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be
	almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have
	had to have been satisfied to get it going."

	James D. Watson, wrote in his book 'Molecular Biology of the
	Gene', "We must immediately admit that the structure of the
	cell will never be understood in the same way as that of water
	or glucose molecule. Not only will the exact structure of most
	macromolecules within the cell remain unsolved, but their
	relative locations within the cell can only be vaguely known.
	It is thus not surprising that many chemists, after brief
	periods of enthusiasm for studying 'life,' silently return
	to the world of pure chemistry."

If you want, I can provide detailed *flaws* in any or all of the 
above listed _Mythical_ terms.

There are however *idiots* out there (like Leon Lederman, Director of
Ferni National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Il) who said:

	"We hope to explain the entire universe in a single, simple
	formula that you can wear on your T-shirt."

So, your statements are not at all surprising to say the least.

Am I now qualified to say that since *Science* hasn't answered so
many questions and also that they have taken the help of *mythical*
phenomenon to describe what they have so far, there is no reason to
reject the *other mythical* explanations given in the Vedic Scriptures???

Do you have the courage to stand up and accept the deficiencies of the
present science and say that Yes, a completely different picture of
the evolution of life/universe may evolve some time in future as the
science makes progress??? 

Btw, several eminent scientists now do say that the _present_ theories
of science including the much revered QUANTUM MECHANICS may become 
obsolete in future. 

Carl Sagan, while in India filming a segment for his Cosmos telivision
series, said, "The most sophistecated ancient cosmological ideas come
from India.  Hinduism [based on the Vedas] is the only religion in 
which time scales correspond to scientific cosmology."

He noted that the sages of ancient India held that the universe
undergoes progressive cycles o creation and destruction over time
scales lasting billions of years.

Great Scientists (atheists) should make a note of this and THINK BEFORE 

PS.  Enough said on the subject of the Scientific holy texts, or of any 
     other holy texts, and BLIND FAITH IN SCIENTIFIC THEORIES.

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