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First Annual Conference on Hinduism

The Hindu Temple and Cultural Society of USA ( 780 old farm road, Bridgewater,
N.J. 08807 ) is organising the
First Annual Conference On Hinduism on 
Saturday September 24,1994
Time : 9.00 am to 6pm
Place : HTCS Auditorium.
Phone : 908-725-4477
No Registration Fees.
The inaugural address will be given by Swami Dayananda Saraswati( Arsha Vidya 
Gurukulam ) .
The following are the topics :
Panchabhuta Tattva in Hinduism            by Prof Jean Lee Mee ( Cooper Union )
Nyaya From a Logical Point of View           Prof J. Scow ( Stevens Tech )
The Assimilating nature of Hinduism          Mr B. Parekh ( New Jersey)
Epic " Savithri" of Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo   Mr T.S.R. Rao ( India )
Scientific Perspectives on Religion          Prof R. Kulkarni ( CUNY, NY )
Hindu Outlook                                Mr K.L.Seshagiri Rao 
                                             (Univ of Virginia)
Living for an Ideal- Lessons from our Saints   Mr T. R. Ramamchandran
                                              ( Tattvaloka, India )
Inter Faith Dialogue                          Dr Kusumita Pedersen  ( New York )
The Foundation of Sankhya                     Prof B.Misra ( Harvard Univ, Mass)
Forum                                         M.G. Prasad ( HTCS , New Jersey )

 Cultural event   
Veena Recital      Mrs Sudha Vadiraj  AIR artist Bangalore
Mridangam          Prakash Rao        New Jersey
 Contact no's  M.G.Prasad 201-762-3720; S.s. Iyer 908-238-1119;
               S. Yegnasubramanian  609-530-0299
This conference will be held on a Annual basis.
The educational board of HTCS as initiated study groups for mini workshops
on following topics.
1) Philosophy and Spirituality
2) Religion and Temple
3) Arts and Culture
4) Science Medicine and Technology
5) Interface Understanding
6) Relevance of Hinduism to Youth and Children 
anybody interested in participating in the conference or in the groups for 
future activities please contact Mr Prasad.
For the group activities you could contact me by e-mail.
with love,

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