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Re: King Bali & the Dasha Avatars

In article <357f5m$s75@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, mani@srirangam.esd.sgi.com 
(Mani Varadarajan) writes:
> How about, ``The Puranas are simply a collection of entertaining,
> mythological stories, not meant to be consistent with one another?''
> I don't recall reading about Bali being the king of the asuras 
> during the churning of the ocean, but does it really matter?

u have a point regarding the consistency of the Puranas. i have heard that
there are at least 3-4 different stories regarding the birth of Ganesha, for

similarly, while it is well accepted that Brahma came from the navel of Vishnu,
it is not clear whether Vishnu preceded Shiva or vice versa. again different
puranas have different ideas about these. 

who is supposed to be the author of these Puranas? does any particular Purana
predate the others? 


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