ANNOUNCING Arun Shourie's "A Secular Agenda"

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		For saving our country, For welding it

		1993, xiv, 376pp., ind., ISBN 81-900199-3-7
		(US Price, inclusive of postage: $ 8.00)

	Would you not like to know that according to secret internal
documents of the Home Ministry the number of Bangladeshi infiltrators into
India already exceeds 1.2 CRORE? 

	That of the Pakistanis who entered India legally in 1992 -- to say
nothing of those who entered illegally -- and who are required to report
every week to a police station, over thirteen thousand have been
acknowledged by the Government to be untraceable? 

	That the Shariat became applicable to all Muslims in India only in
1937, as a result of an Act of the then Legislative Assembly? That as part
of a bargain Jinnah and the British got it passed for public effect, but
also helped each other to dilute it to suit each other's objectives? 

	That Pandit Nehru, far from viewing Article 370 as a "commitment
to the people of Kashmir", in fact felt about it that "Voh ghiste ghiste
ghis jayegi"? That while India is said not to be a nation, not 10 of the
world's 180 odd countries have the homogeneity that is demanded of us? 

	ARUN SHOURIE's new book, A SECULAR AGENDA, is replete with little
known facts -- our ignorance of which has enabled vested interests to
derail public discourse and policy in India. And whereas Indian
"secularism" has consisted merely of branding others "communal", this book
sets out a specific, closely argued, thoroughly documented secular agenda
to save our country, to weld it. 

	In formulating this agenda ARUN SHOURIE discloses secret records
of the Government, exhumes long-buried files from the National Archives,
examines provisions of the Constitution and the of laws, and what the
courts have said on them. All these he sets against what the practices are
in other countries. And thereby urges specific reforms. 


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The above is being posted to scp and scb because a multitude of factors
emnating from the two Islamic States have a direct bearing on the people
of India. Indeed, the Radcliffe Line remains an artificial one!