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Re: King Bali & the Dasha Avatars

Mani Varadarajan (mani@srirangam.esd.sgi.com) wrote:

: For example, Lakshmi is supposed to eternally reside on the right
: chest of Vishnu. At the same time, she is said to have been born
: from the milk ocean. How do we reconcile these two?

Both are correct, but the word 'born' is misleading. For the benefit
of the devotees, she appeared from the milk ocean as if taking birth,
but this does not mean she does not always exist. 

Similarly, Lord Rama took birth at a specific time to Dasaratha's 
family. However, there exists a Vaikuntha planet where Lord Rama
exists eternally and is served by His devotees. The 'birth' is just
the way God enters into the material world. 

-- Krishna

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