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Re: Shiva Lingham proper rituals and Pujas

In article <31677n$n2g@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, benkai@netcom.com (benkai)

<While in India, hiking through some mountains, I found a Shiva lingam, or
it found me.>
He goes on to ask about its power, and how to activate it.  Hello.  My
name is Bhanu.  I am on Mitchell Clute's thing.  Hello Benkai.  This is
the thing.  You have to bathe in buffalo milk, that is to say water
buffalo.  I am from the Shivalik mountains in Panjab and there are many
shiva lingams.  Ok, in the abscence of water-buffalos, I suppose a cow
will do.  Then gather marigolds.  Then get rose-water.  Then, after
bathing yourself, go out into woods and sit down facing shiva lingam. 
Offer marigolds.  Then splash rosewater.  Then say: om eyeing hareeng
kileeng cha moonday ye bichay, over and over and over.  This is a
harnessing, protecting mantra.  Meaning harness and let it come through
your body then out again.  You know what lingam is, yes?  It is your
penis.  Ok.  It is different to worship if you are a man.  Now you have to
go find a man to tell you the rest.  If you want I'll give you the address
of my Uncle Roshan.  He will know.  I am a woman and it is different for
me.  Are you gary snyder's son?  Goodbye mister.

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