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Decisive Battles of India Through The Ages

Book Release Announcements

On the occasion of the Indian Independence Day, GIP Books released their
latest publication - "Decisive Battles of India Through The Ages, Vol.I" -
by H.N.verma and Amrit Verma. The book was released during the Festival of
India held at Union City, California earlie this month.

"Decisive Battles...." is the first of its kind to be ever published. It
encapsulates and examines the history of the Indian subcontinent through
accounts of the 20 most significant and decisive battles, from ancient
times (The Battle of Ten Kings - the Dasarajna- fought some 5000 years
ago) to the advent of the British Raj after  the annexation of Punjab in

Each chapter of the book describes the landmark battle-events; the reasons
for victory or defeat, and their subsequent impactupon the polity and
ethos of the subcontinent. Besides accounts of the battles, the book also
reviews the role that tactics, strategy, arms and armament have played in
wars, and their impact and evolution through the ages. This is the first
time that an attempt has been made to deal with the subject of military
battles and War in the Indian subcontinent.

Here is some additional information :

Title: Decisive Battles of India Through The Ages, Vol.I
Authors: H.N.Verma, Amrit Verma
ISBN: 1-881155-02-1
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 94-78088
Price: $24.95
Pages: 208; Perfect Bound. Printed in the USA.
Includes Bibliography, Glossary and Index.
Publishers: GIP Books, PO Box 110573, Campbell, CA 95100 USA.

For further information, send E-mail,or write and order directly from the

Other publications of the authors includes "100 Great Indians Through The
ISBN: 1-881155-00-5; Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 92-70354
Price: $17.95 (USA), 288p., pb.

This is a collection of 100 succinct, informative biographies of the
greatest personalities of India, from the ancient period of Lord Shiva to
the 20th century of Mahatma Gandhi. It chronicles their lives and
outstanding contributions to humanity, Indian culture, politics,
philosophy, religion, literature. mathematics, astronomy, fine arts and

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