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Getting Information on Indian Culture

classes. The topic I have chosen is to talk about some misconceptions
about the Indian/Hindu culture.
        I was wondering if you know the answer to or know where to find
the answer to the following questions.:

                Why is the Cow so revered in India, I know it is partly
that lord krishna is supposed ot be in the heart of all animals but also
because the cow, by giving us milk, is considered to be the  mother
of life.  do you have any more information on this ?
                Also why do indian women, especially Married women
where the dots (Bindi I think) on their forehead. What is the significance of
this ?  
                And finally what is the story between the Hindu Swastika
and the one used by Hitler, I have heard that hitler stole it and then changed
it around. Is this true and if so why did he change it around? and
what is the story behid the Swastika anyway?  And aslo what do they look like
I am always forgetting which way the indian swastika falls.

                Any information you can give me on this would be greatly appreci
ated.  Even if all you can give me is some information on wher I can look.
Thanks a lot.
                                                Aniket Patel

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