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Taslima Nasrin-Manushi column-excerpt from The Nation

>From : V. R. Veluri (rveluri@anl.gov)

Taslima Nasrin recently wrote a column in the Indian feminist
 magazine 'Manushi.'  In the latest issue of  'The Nation' 
( October 3, 1994) an excerpt from that column appeared under
 the caption "Women and Cattle." I reproduce the excerpt below.  

" ' A lucky man's wife dies; an unlucky man's cattle die '  
 is an old   proverb. It remains a commonplace on the threshold
 of the twentyfirst  century. If your wife dies, you can get
 another wife. But if you lose  cattle, you do not get free
 cattle. For new cattle you have to pay hard  cash, whereas
 a new wife brings some cash. You can neglect your wife,
 but you should never neglect your cattle. No wonder,
 cattle are more  valuable than a wife. These days a
 Bangladeshi girl is bartered off  for six head of cattle
 smuggled in from India.  Many are shocked at such news.
 I am merely surprised. I cannot but rejoice at the rare
 good fortune  of getting six head cattle in exchange for
 a single girl. It is welcome  news, because whoever gets
 the six head of cattle is making a bigger  profit.
 Six hefty cattle from India are certainly more attractive,
 more  productive and more valuable than an undersized
 Bangladeshi girl.  I think they are rather getting cheated
 taking a girl in exchange.  Where women are not worth two bits,
 they have given women honor by  giving six head of cattle
 in exchange. I express my gratitude to  these cattle-runners.

 Our gentlemanly society does not pay any price for women.
 It kills  the girl-child in the womb.  On the other hand,
 the smuggler is  giving six whole animals in exchange
 for one - a poor hapeless girl,  at that! They will put her
 in the flesh trade. So what? Are not  respectable women
 being used at the pleasure of respectable men?  This is not
 a new deceit in a different world. Our respectable  women
 are given away free, whereas the outcast woman fetches
 half a dozen cattle. It would indeed be nice if this raises the
 price of women a little."

			Taslima Nasrin	 

( Are things any different in India!
 I do not think so!! -  V R Veluri) 

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