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HSC@OSU: Invitation to the first meeting in autumn.

	    H i n d u   S t u d e n t s    C  o u n c i l
		      The Ohio State University

			     Invites YOU
		    our first meeting in Autumn 94


		 What is the Hindu Students Council?
	     Discussion on Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism.

     TIME: 8:00pm - 9:30 pm
     DATE: Wednesday, Oct. 5, 1994
     PLACE: Journalism Building, Room 375

For more information please contact:


Avinash - (614) 294-4028 viswamitra.1@osu.edu
Raj     - (614) 294-4155 singh-rv@cis.ohio-state.edu
Sabina  - (614) 457-9921
Vijay   - (614) 291-8518 rajendran.1@osu.edu

Hindu Students Council is an international students' forum providing
opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage.

|Raj Vardhan Singh    |             singh-rv@cis.ohio-state.edu             |

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