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Japanese Film To Explore Indian Spirituality

* Japanese Film to Explore Indian Spirituality

TOYKYO - A famous Japanese director is making a 10 Billion Yen feature
film to be shot almost entirely on locations in India, mostly in
Varanasi. The film titled "The Deep River" which alludes to the Ganges
and is based on a famous novel by legendary author Shusaku Endo. It is
to be directed by Mr Kei Kumagai and produced by Shigoto Productions.
        Fifty years after the end of the war, Japanese people are
trying to reconcile the material success with human understanding, says
a synopsis of the film. The spiritual search often ends in India in
many current Japanese literary and popular stories as happiness is
sought in things other than material.
        The film will focus on the criss-crossing of paths of a few
Japanese of diverse background as they travel together during a tour to
India and obtain different levels of realisation. Shooting in India is
to be completed this year.
        The project was formally announced at a reception here in the
presence of the leading players and production officials. Shusaku Endo
is deeply impressed by the Indian ethos and said that The Deep River is
his magnum opus. It encompasses the thoughts and characters that have
appeared in his books so far.
        Endo, a highly respected name in Japan had won the prestigious
Akusigawa prize for literature in Japan.
        The film is directed by Mr Kei Kumagai a noted Japanese

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