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First HSC camp in California

The first two day camp of the California chapters of  Hindu Students Council 
was held in the camp Campbell at Bouldercreek in Northern California from 16-18
September. The camp attracted students from San Francisco bay area, Los Angels 
area and San Diego. The camp brought together many second generation Indian 
students interested in learning about their Hindu heritage.

Swami Chidananda, Achaarya of Chinmaya Mission at San Jose, exposed these 
students to a treatise on Bhagvat Geeta. The emphasis of his discourse was on 
ways to achieve absolute happiness as described in Geeta and Hindu Dharma. 
The camp participant took part in yoga classes, sports activities like 
basketball, frisbee, swimming, boating and exercises. These activities were 
designed to help students get to know each other better, learn the team 
spirit, leadership skills and their heritage as well. A Group discussion on 
'Hindu Student Council- Vision and Mission' was conducted by Dr. Ajay Shah of 
San Diego. Students participated in the discussions and explored the ways to 
be more effective in term of spreading the message as it would be beneficial 
for their fellow students who are consistently at loss to reconcile and 
explain their own heritage to others.

The evening was capped by  the campfire at the night where students engaged in 
singing, antakshari and charade. The final day Yoga session was conducted by 
Mr. Vijay Ruikar, who also narrated to students the colourful and glorious 
history of India. The session was followed by an open group discussion on the 
social dilemmas faced by teen-agers such as dating, queries about their 
religious beliefs and God etc.  

The total experience of the camp was best summed up by a camper who remarked, 
"the camp gave me an opportunity to mingle with friends who share the common 
ideals and values. I have many more brothers and sisters now."   

Hindu Students Council is an international forum dedicated to bring together 
the hindu students and disseminate the hindu culture, heritage and values.  
Since its inception four years ago, It has already grown to  thirty registered 
chapters in the Universities across US and Canada. The organization reaches 
out to more than five thousand youths through its various programs.  

For more information on HSC and its activities call (617) 227-3023 or email 
For activities in California, please call (408) 253-6160 or  
email dheeraj@hurricane.seas.ucla.edu or
Ajay Shah at ajay@mercury.aichem.arizona.edu

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