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BJP to Form Human Wall

[News from SCI]

One million volunteers to form wall around India

    NEW DELHI, Oct 9 (Reuter) - One million volunteers from a 
political party will form a ``human wall'' along India's borders with
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Burma on December 21, a political leader said
on Sunday. 

    Uma Bharti, president of the youth wing of the Hindu nationalist
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said the human chain would draw attention to
the party's criticism of India's neighbours, United News of India (UNI)

    The BJP accuses Pakistan of supporting terrorists in India, and
Bangladesh and Nepal of allowing infiltration of refugees, UNI said. The
party claims Burma, also known as Myanmar, allows smugglers to cross the
border into India. 

    Bharti made no mention of China, with which India also shares a border in
the towering Himalayan mountains.

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