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Devanagari (Sanskrit) Alphabet Font for Windows Needed

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I am looking for a Devanagari (Sanskrit) Alphabet Font which I can use under
Windows (preferably TrueType, but I'll take what's available).

My searches through cyperspace revealed nothing so far, but I'm sure somebody
has put together such a font (I've searched at CICA, the Dharma archive,
Windows Online, etc.)  The only thing even remotely close that I've found is
a Bengal font, but this is NOT the same.

So, if you know of where I could obtain it, either freeware, shareware, or
commercial, please do let me know.  Of course, I'd even accept bitmaps of the
individual characters of the alphabet if I have to as I will eventually convert
them to bitmaps anyway (a long story, but I'd rather start with the font).

BTW, I want the real Devanagra alphabet, not a Romanized (Westernized) version
of the alphabet.  I believe there are 48+ characters in the Devanagra alphabet,
according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Much thanks in advance!

Jon Noring

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