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Dussehra @ OSU

Hello everyone!

We just had our Dussehra celebration, here at THE Ohio State
University. The program was a success. There were 60 people who
attended with 10% non-Hindus (our HSC defn. of Hindu.) The ages
ranged from 13 to 53.

We began with Mr. Aswatha from the Bharatiya Hindu Temple in Columbus
giving a talk on Hindu Dharma. Following that, we had aarati and
Saraswati pooja. We chanted Saraswati Stotram from the Padma Purana.
About 80% of the people who came to the festival came during the
discussion - I don't know if that means that we attracted the "right"
crowd or if we were unsuccessfull in publicising the event well :-)

We had dinner after the pooja after which we had Raas, Garba, and
Bhangada. These folk dances were put in perspective by Dr. Chaturvedi
who is also associated with the Temple, and is our chapter advisor.
The music for the dances were conducted by Mr. Harin Kamdar who
besides being involved with youth activities in the Temple runs a DJ

A few other things about this program - our MCs [sic] were Vijay and
Sudha - a brother & sister pair; The pooja samagri was brought by the
two youngest attendees - Suhasini and Mohit both about 13 years old.

Overall, I was personally satisfied (which is a rare phenomenon) with
the talk, pooja, dinner and dances. The only slight disappointement
was the low turnout (considering that our neighbouring chapter had
450 participants in their recent program). With all these
satisfaction and dissaspointments, the program was a success.

As a result of this program, we have made a very strong connection
with our Columbus Temple and the Columbus Community. We have also
strenghtened the bond we have with the new students who had started
participating with us earlier this quarter.

The LionKing (Raj Singh)
oops, I forgot the "Vardhan"

|Raj Vardhan Singh    |             singh-rv@cis.ohio-state.edu             |

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