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curious question


I am considering writing a short novel on the way children are sold into  
labor or prostitution in India.  The characters will all be children who  
are named after gods and whose lives represented a twisted version of the  
mythical tale.  For example, Krishna's parents will be in jail while he is  
born.  A very evil guard offers to take the child and keep him until the  
parents get released, but instead takes Krishna and sells him into a child  
labor practice which enslaves the children.  Here in this labor prison, he  
will meet other young men like Rama, Arjuna , and Buddha who are all in  
the same plight.

When the kids are too old to be profitable, they are thrown into the  
streets.  Krishna becomes a rikshaw puller and the other boys get other  
menial jobs.  The boys cannot make ends meet so they decide to rob a  
house.  Krishna is pulling Arjuna to the house they are going to rob and  
then Arjuna starts to get queasy about robbing the house.  This is when  
Krishna tells him the importance of survival and how they have no other  
choice.  This scene will be modeled around the scene in the Bhagavad-Gita  
where Krishna is extolling the Vedic philosophies of life while driveing  
Arjuna's chariot, but here Krishna will be telling Arjuna about the  
realities of life in the slums of India while pulling a rikshaw.

I do not want this to be offensive.  I just want it to be a poignant look  
at the life of indian slum children and the harsh pressures they must face  
in order to survive.  There will be a recurring theme in the story of  
people praying, but never getting their prayers answered.  This is one of  
the reasons I want to retell the mythical stories with a very grim twist  
of reality.  

Would you find this to be offensive or as a fresh look at the Indian  

Please send comments if you have any.



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