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Moral Values and Civilisation

Hi friends

I have a question and am also interested to generate
discussions on the subject of religion based values and
the mandate of civilisation.

In particular, I am interested to know what Islam, Buddhism and
Hinduism has to say about individual and social morality leading
to peaca and stability to society so that civilisation persist.

As I am christian, and also have the opportunity to read a lot
on some specific aspects of confucianism - much due to Lee Kuan Yew,
I have come away with the impression that ultimately whether a 
society continue to survive or even thrive depends very much on
its moral character. You will witness this thesis in Barbara
Tuchman book the March of Folly. It detailed how the Aztecs and
the citizens of Troy fell. From the bible you have Sodom and Gomorrah
which God rained fire on them. Joel Kotkin book "Tribes" is 
especially explicit, showing how traditional or old fashioned values
helps various ethnic groups succeed.

Of course, old religions and a philosophy like Confucianism have
made their way into the fabric of social groups - loosely called 

I would appreciate if fellow interneters can enlighten me from the
perspective of the other religions and hence culture.


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