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Re: Important Editorial Note: Please Read

editor.csm.uc.edu (digest editor) writes:
|> Dear Friends,
|> Saprem Namaskar!
|> We want to maintain alt.hindu as a vibrant and lively forum for intellectual 
|> debates and information exchange.  May I request all the participants to
|> keep out the words like Rascal, idiot, moran etc. out of a debate which 
|> seeks to elevate our level of thinking?
|> thank you very much,
|> ajay shah

vidya@cco.caltech.edu (Vidyasankar Sundaresan) wrote:
>>How blind can one get? Mr. Know it all
>>Your pride really carries you away.
>>without quoting the Padmapurana or some such other lame work
>>It is surprising how people can still be like ostriches

In response, I wrote:
>>For others except this  -MORON-  Vidyasankar Sundaresan
>>If one RASCAL rejects one of the writings of Veda Vyasa as lame

Agreed the use of words like rascal and moron do not contribute to a
healthy discussion, but does calling someone "Blind" or "ostrich" or
"arrogant" does??

I request the editor and others to see both sides of the coin before
making any judgement or suggestion.

However, I'll refrain from such language in future anyways.

Manish Tandon

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