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Re: superstitions

In article <38p3mn$kis@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, srinivas@Glue.umd.edu (Nagulapalli Srinivas) writes:
|> surrender??? Is not "Jana" Seva "Janardhana Seva"?? You analyse.

No. Janardhana Seva is Jana Seva. You water the root of the tree,
not the leaves. But the leaves automatically get the benefit.

|> >       EATING MEAT being one of the epitomes of the subtlities of the
|> >       loftiness of the benevolance of this greatly renounced soul.
|>  Yes, he did eat meat. But only to save his body in inclement weather when
|> he came here such that, he can serve thereafter. It is not that he ordered
|> in restaurant, is it?? Also is, not eating meat such a great virtue??

Vivekananda did not need meat to save his body, he could have
stuffed himself with bread, potatoes, and other things that people
in America also ate at the time. The story that a guy from the Vivekananda
mission told me was that a lady offered him pork with bread -- he could
have just taken the bread, couldn't he?

Not eating meat is, in itself, no great virtue. But eating meat
with no regard for Vedic regulation is, for humans, unquestionably
a sin.

|>  Why do you want to agonise about what OTHERS do? Why can't we think for
|> ourselves in the light of Gita??? Are you sure that you are so flawless as to
|> spend time in analysing what others are?? Gita is a manual for Arjuna within
|> US to act and grow and not a book that can be used for judging OTHERS.

It was a manual to tell Arjuna to go forth and kill OTHERS.
And there are no shortage of verses where Krishna describes
those who are in the mode of ignorance, and the miscreants,
the materialistically deluded, and so forth, all of whom are
certainly OTHERS.

|> |> but only pointing that baseless and proofless conclusions coupled with
|> |> slandering is very mean, disgusting and degrading. The attitude of "I alone
|> |> am right and whosoever tells otherwise are ignorant and idiots", is at best,
|> |> a fanaticism and utter bankruptcy of your intellectual ability.
|> >The attitude that "I will NOT accept anyone as final authority, rather I will
|> >use my own whims to interpret the scriptures as and when I feel like or is
|> >needed to show my relegiocity" is at best agnosticism and utter bankruptcy
|> >of your intellectual ability.
|> Mis-reading is one of the dangerous perils in any discussion. Also what do
|> you mean by "authority"?? Surrendering of ones own questioning ability
|> is what you meant by "authority"??? Even Krishna encouraged Arjuna to ask
|> questions and only when he finally understood it did Arjuna act it out.
|> If you think one should stop questioning, then probably you are in wrong
|> group, and you can try that with other religions but not with Hinduism.
|> All Upanishads are in direct question-answer form between student and master
|> including Gita, UNTIL students gets convinced. There is no question of

But you yourself have said that you don't believe in surrendering
completely to Krishna. Therefore, you are questioning just for
the sake of questioning, and that was never the point of the Gita
or Upanishads. The point of Arjuna's questioning and of the
questioning of students in the Upanishads is to be able to gain the
knowledge they need to surrender. Refer to the final verse
spoken by Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. He surrenders completely.

|> -Srinivas Nagulapalli

-- Vijay

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