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Re: superstitions

susarla@rice.edu (H. Krishna Susarla) writes:
> <sigh> This is too stupid to address. All I see on this thread (other
> than Vijay, Vivek, and Manish's postings) are a bunch of mayavadis getting
> offended at the very notion that their religious culture *is* centered around
> an Absolute Truth.


Much as I appreciate your devout faith, please take your patronizing
attitude elsewhere.  You are simply parroting what you are taught by
the ISKCON folks without really doing any in-depth analysis.  Your
accusations regarding a 'bunch of mayavadis' just 'getting offended'
is extremely unfair and inaccurate.  The 'bunch', as you call it, 
consists of two people -- Vidyasankar Sundaresan and Jaldhar Vyas,
who are both gentlemen with whom I have had very serious and
mature discussions of philosophy. 

I venture to say that if you bother to understand the philosophy
of Advaita and discuss it in a meaningful and non-inflammatory manner,
you will be much more enlightened than you currently are.  Ironically,
the dogmatism here is on the side of the Hare Krishnas, not the 
Advaitins. Strangely enough, your and your compadres' arguments 
remind me of the virulent closed-mindedness of Christian missionaries
of old.


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