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(fwd) Article on Neem

From: pavitra@fermat.maths.monash.edu.au (S Pavithran)
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                                  PR Newswire

                November  3, 1994, Thursday - 16:32 Eastern Time

SECTION: State and Regional News


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    The following was released today by NeemAura Naturals:
    Scientific interest in neem has reached an all time high,
culminating in a Discovery channel documentary scheduled to air
Nov. 6, 1994.  The show will feature "Nature Of Things" host David
Suzuki taking an in-depth look at neem, which has been used for
centuries throughout  India  as a non-toxic insect repellent and all
purpose health and beauty aid.
    Florida based NeemAura Naturals, Inc., is forecasting a major

upsurge in worldwide demand for products derived from neem trees. ALACHUA, Fla.,Nov. 3
NeemAura Naturals is the first company in the Western hemisphere to
produce a complete line of health and beauty aids made from neem.  The
new venture is developing its own neem tree farms to assure a consistent
supply of certified organically grown neem for use in manufacturing its
all natural body care products.
    While neem is acknowledged by botanists for its non-toxic, insect
repellent properties protecting crops and humans, recent research has
proven its many health promoting benefits for humans.  Preliminary
trials on humans indicate that neem is effective in treating psoriasis,
eczema, dermatitis, and other chronic skin conditions.  Neem extracts
have been patented in Japan for use against cancer.  "We are especially
pleased to see a show with the stature of David Suzuki's 'The Nature of
Things' devoting an entire episode to this revered botanical.  The neem
tree has tremendous potential to heal many human maladies, while its
cultivation is revitalizing land devastated by poor management,"
according to NeemAura president Marc Ketchel, who manages company neem
farms in the Bahamas, Mexico and Haiti.
    NeemAura Naturals recently added renowned pharmacognosist Dr. H.S.
Puri to its professional advisory board.  "Through the diligent research
efforts of Dr. Puri and other scientists, we plan on making neem-based
products available throughout North and South America, to consumers
seeking the same benefits enjoyed throughout  India  for over four
thousand years," stated Ketchel.  The company commenced distribution of
its initial products in select retail outlets earlier this year.  Full
scale distribution will begin in January 1995.
     CONTACT: Marc Ketchel of NeemAura Naturals, 904-375-2503


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