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Re: superstitions

In article <39dupb$ga@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, vidya@cco.caltech.edu (Vidyasankar Sundaresan) writes:
|> it certainly ain't the ISKCON philosophy. For advaitins, this Absolute is  
|> Brahman, for Saivas it is Siva, for Saktas, it is Devi and so on.

And for worshippers of Vasudeva & Baladeva, it is Vasudeva & Baladeva,
and for worshippers of Indra it is Indra, and for worshippers of Surya
it is Surya, and for worshippers of elephants, cows, frogs, etc. the
worshippable deity is elephants, cows, frogs, etc.... That list
was all from the Pali texts of the Theravada (atheist)
Buddhist canon!!

Lord Siva was right: mayavad _is_ pracchanam bauddham. 

-- Vijay

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