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(fwd) S.C.I. Info:Unfair Rejection

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From: ajay@mercury.aichem.arizona.edu (Ajay Shah)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.indian
Subject: S.C.I. Info:Unfair Rejection
Date: 10 Nov 1994 21:05:05 GMT
Organization: University of Arizona, CCIT
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Dear Friends, 

My posting about the VHP Support A Child Project has been rejected by
the moderator of S.C.I.-Info.  I urge you to consider the contents
of the posting that has been appended below and some of the other
postings that have appeared in that newsgroups (I am appending a
sampling of that as well).

The reason given is that this posting comes from a religious
organization.  VHP of America, is indeed a religious and cultural
organization, however, why is the Support-A-Child program sponsored by
VHP-A treated differently?  Just because the name of our organization
has the word Hindu in it?

It is interesting that along with CRY (which supports children in
India), a purely political announcement by AIPSG (leftist students
organization) was also accepted for posting on SCI-Info.

Whereas, in the past announcemnts by Hindu Students Council have been

We are not asking for any special treatment.  Just equal treatment.
Just because the name of our organization has the word Hindu in it, it
should not constitute the reason for rejection of our announcement.

I urge all the readers of s.c.i. to vocally reject this discrimination.

Ajay Shah


---------Some of the recent posts on S.C.I.-Info---------------
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Our rejected post

VHP Support-A-Child Program -An Overview
Prepared by Mr. Ramesh Patel, Vice President for Seva Projects VHP of America



The SUPPORT-A-CHILD Program of VHP, now in NINTH Year, has reached a new
milestone, of Serving over 500 Children in Sixteen (16) states of
India. This unique Selfless service of needy children of the
society started in 1985 with inspiration from Shri Vishnupuriji
Maharaj of Parmarth Sadhak Sangh, Calcutta, India. In a short
span of seven years many families from the USA are offering funds
on a regular basis. These children are being supported on a long
term basis at various facilities throughout India. We have
rendered  support to needy children through well established
organizations working in the field of child support.

LONG TERM COMMITTED SERVICE: Support -A- Child Program of
Parishad believes in serving through well established reputed
organizations. Long term support of children over the short term
aid to some students has been the Key factor of this program.
Parishad emphasizes a wholesome and loving yet disciplined
atmosphere for the process of development of these children. The
management cost is a bare minimum, presently at a level of less
then TWO(2) Percent.

Support-a-child programs are handled through a National office in
Delaware for the coordination and accounting.  In past TWO Years
alone, an aggregate commitment of well over $250,000 for these
children has been accepted. We have already collected and
distributed funds in excess of $64,000 in the past
Eight (8) years. Here is a snap shot of our services:
                    Year      # of children
                    1986      10
                    1987      27
                    1988      28
                    1989      37
                    1990      47
                    1991      58
                    1992      37
                    1993      47

The institutions in India that we have supported.
     State          STATE/TTL CHILDREN  Organization
Andhra Pradesh      8         8         Vignana Peetham
Assam               4         4         Vishwa Hindu Parishad (Seva Programs)
Bihar               11        11        Vishwa Hindu Parishad (Seva Programs)
Delhi               27        27        Sewa Bharti
Gujarat             36        21        Gujarat Vanvasi Kalyan
Gujarat                       2         K. L. Institute for Deaf
Gujarat                       13        Vanvasi Ashram - VHP
Karnataka           12        6         Vivekanand Kushtha Sewa Samiti
Karnataka                     6         Mahtama Gandhi Anath Sewasram trust
Kerala              2         2         Vishwa Hindu Parishad
Madhya Pradesh      12        5         Sri Ramakrishna Vivekanand Mission
Madhya Pradesh                7         Sri Anand Hindu Anath Ashram
Maharastra          21        14        Knaya Chhatralaya -Harsul District
Maharastra                    7         Prarthana Samaj - Bombay
Rajsthan            9         3         VHP - Rajsthan (Seva Programs)
Rajsthan                      6         Balika Sadan
Uttar Pradesh       19        3         Ramkrishna Vivekanand Mission
Uttar Pradesh                 16        Girivasi Vanvasi Sewa Prakalpa
West Bengal         12        2         Gopali Ashram
West Bengal                   8         Parmarth Sadhak Sangh
West Bengal                   2         Ramakrishna Vivekanand Mission

Your valuable support will strengthen our commitment to serve
those needy and under previleged children in India. We welcome
you to offer donations for this worthy service, in the state of
your choice. Please Write to: Support - A - Child Program  -
V.H.P. of America,  21 Harris Circle   NEWARK,  DE   19711

Main Office: 217 Deerfield Drive, BERLIN, CT 06037 TEL: 203-828-4360

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