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Re: superstitions

In article <39uh27$nfs@ucunix.san.uc.edu> you wrote:

: My point was, if you consider name calling as something bad and
: that my act in question here qualified for such, 

That indeed may be your point but what does it have to anything _I_ said?

: 	why did you participated in it???

I said you started the name calling in this thread.  Is this true or false?
Answer my question (or else at least tell me you won't answer it.)  Then 
we'll move on to the next topic. 

: In another place you said, "why are you carrying my 
argument any : further than I've carried it". 

: Sorry to tell you that if you make statements on a public forum,
: people are going to test your logic on which you base your statements
: and as it so happened, your logic was wrong.

But it was YOUR logic.  YOU assumed I thought in a certain way without 
bothering to ask me.

: You are _not_ above law as you might think.

Oh dear, the topic is changing again.  You're making me dizzy <G>.  Ok, what 
law do I think I'm above?

-- Jaldhar

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