Universe according to Mahabharat

	This is according to Mahabharat. Please don't flame me for it.

	The Life of the entire Universe is 100 Brahma Years which is the
	production (not creation; Hinduism does not believe in creation,
	because creation implies absence of material) of one most evolved
	jiva, called Brahma, Hiranyagarbha or Purushottam, of the previous 
	cycle. This jiva projects the universe by His own Will through 
	meditation. To distribute the results of karmas, this Being
	meditates to know all about jivas and their karmas that lie in 
	a dormant state (avyakta) during Pralya. At the end of 100 Brahma
	years, this jiva joins Parabrahma and another most evolved jiva
	is picked for another cycle. This is going on without a beginning
	and it has no end.

	A Brahma Day (one kalpa) is one cycle, ie., it includes the
	periods of Sristhi (Dawn), Sthiti (Manifestation) and Pralya 

	There is one partial dissolution every 1000 yugas called Nimaitya 
	Pralya (I don't know how much universe is destroyed. Any idea?).
	There is Absolute (I mean Absolute) dissolution after 100 Brahma
	Years. The univese starts from scratch.

	1 yuga = 4.32 million years
	One Brahma Day = one kalpa = 1000 yugas
	1 Brahma Month = 30 Brahma Days
	12 Brahma Months = one Brahma Year
	Life of the Brahma = 100 Years

	The age of the current Brahma is 50 years. The current Kalpa in the
	51st year is srisvetavarahakalpa.

	According to Mahabharat, the kal yuga started on the midnight
	of 17th and 18th February, 3102 BC.

	About yuga cycles:

	Satya yuga (gloden or truth age) - 1, 728, 000 years
	Treta yuga  			 - 1, 296, 000 years
	Dvaper yuga			 -    864, 000 years
	Kal yuga (machine age)		 -    432, 000 years


-- Virendra Verma