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Re: Q: About (god) Brahma

In article <3aam4p$opf@ucunix.san.uc.edu> pant@astro.ocis.temple.edu (Rajiv Pant ( Betul )) writes:
>our Indian culture and Mythology. He then asked me about the origin
>of (god) Brahma -- the part about a lotus emerging from the navel. I

To my knowledge, there is no story. A lotus emerged from the navel of
Lord Vishnu, and brhamna emerged from the lotus, it is his birth place
and his residence. Knowledgeable netters may correct me.

>P.S. He also had another explaination for why Brahma has no Temples or
>worship. I recalled a different story from my childhood. What are the
>various reasons (stories) behind this? Thanks for your time and help.

This has a story. Lord Shiva has a Atma Lingam (Atma = soul; Lingam =
physical representatino of Lord Shiva). It spanned from -infinite to
+ infinite i.e. no one knew either ends. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma
went in each direction to find the ends. After several days of search,
Lord Vishnu gives up saying he is unable to find it.. But Brahma claims
to have found one end. But actually he was lying. He colludes with a
flower to concoct that story. After hearing the concocted story,
Lord Shiva curses him that he will not have a temple and that the flower
should not be used in his (Shiva's) prayers. (I forget the name of the 

Hope this was reasonably correct.


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