Re: Madhavacharya (was Re: superstitions)

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Tandon) writes:
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> |> In a series of recent postings, the Dvaita philosophy of Madhva has
> |> been assailed as, among other things, "the cruelest joke perpetrated
> |> in the name of Vedanta," and so forth. I do not wish to criticize the
> |> gentlemen who made these claims, but here are my counterpoints, which
> |> they may consider worthy of their attention.
> Very good article about Madhavacharya. I am reading the Sarva-Darshana-
> Sangrha of Madhavacharya (although the translation I have may not be the
> best one) and agree with what you have said.

I very much doubt if you are really reading the Sarva Darsana Sangraha of  
Madhavacharya. Let me tell you why. The author of the Sarva Darsana  
Sangraha is the same as Vidyaranya, who was the Sankaracharya of Sringeri  
Math in the 14th century, and guru of the first Vijaynagar emperors. The  
book presents all the current philosophies, with advaita coming at the end  
as the only true one of them all. Hardly something you will find  
commendable, I should imagine. 

> Also in Mahabharat, there is a passage where, while the Pandavas were
> in vanawaas, Hanuman presented himself before Bhima as a small monkey
> and put his tail in the path of Bhima and tested him etc. So that is
> another datapoint that conflicts with Hanuman and Bhima being avataars
> of the same personality.

Didn't Rama meet and fight with Parasurama, who are both avatars of  
Vishnu? You claim to be a Vaishnava. Please understand the Vaishnava  
doctrine of avatars well. 
> Also, I agree with all you have said about the life/philosophy/teachings
> of Sri Madhavacharya, so please dont think that I am refuting you just
> because of the question that is raised here.
> regards,
> manish 

The acharya of the dvaita sampradaya is called Madhva, not Madhava. I  
don't know the derivation for the word Madhva. However, with this posting,  
you have now led me to seriously question all your credentials! Your  
claims to reading this book or that are not really serious, are they? You  
are just bluffing. If you are really reading the Sarva Darsana Sangraha,  
you will know what I am talking about. 

S. Vidyasankar