"Conscious Relationship and Spirituality

  The Second Annual Kripalu Conference on Psychotherapy and Spirituality

              "Conscious Relationship as a Spiritual Path"
                              May 1-7, 1995
                   Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
                          Lenox, Massachusetts
  Join an internationally renowned faculty for a week-long inquiry into
 the path of conscious relationship.  We will explore the possibilities
  for both psychological and spiritual transformation which conscious,
   committed relationships offer.  The conference will be held in the
   context of a vibrant, twenty-year old spiritual community, based on
   yogic principles--Kripalu Center--and will offer daily practice of
  yoga and meditation as an integral part of the conference experience.

                     Keynote speakers will include:
      Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks: leaders in the field of mind/body
 integration, especially in the integration of body-oriented techniques
  in clinical work with couples.  Authors of "Centering and the Art of
                  Intimacy" and "At the Speed of Life".
    John and Jennifer Welwood: well-known authors of "Journey of the
   Heart: Intimate Relationship and the Path of Love", and many other
    books on relationship and East/West approaches to psychotherapy. 
   John's latest book on conscious relationship as a path of soul work
                 will be published in the fall of 1995.
      Seymour and Sylvia Boorstein: both psychologists who focus on
 relationship work.  Sylvia is a well-known senior teacher of Vipassana
 meditation; Seymour is author of one of the most widely used textbooks
                      on Transpersonal Psychology.
   John Gray: author of the best-selling "Men Are From Mars, Women Are
        from Venus", as well as many other works on relationship.
  Kim Crawford-Harvie: nationally known and loved speaker and writer on
    the particular challenges for gays and lesbians in relationship;
  Senior Pastor of the historic Arlington Street Church, Unitarian, in
                              and others!!!
  The conference will be organized around keynote talks in the morning;
    yoga, meditation and relaxation in the afternoon; and clinically
      oriented workshops for psychotherapists in the evening.  The
 conference is planned with the needs of practicing psychotherapists in
 mind, including CEUs for most mental health professionals, but all are
               Come join us for spring in the Berkshires!!
  Program cost ranges from $765 per person for dormitory accomodations
 to $1395 for a private room with private bath and includes three high-
      quality vegetarian meals daily and full use of the facility.
        For more information or to register, call Kripalu Center:
                             (800) 967-3577