Re: Sri Tattva-muktavali

mpt@mail.utexas.edu (michael tandy) wrote:
 >	Here is the eighth verse of this work, written close to 1,000
 >	years ago by Sriman Madhvacarya:
 >	"The Supreme is all-knowing, and He sees everything. In fact, it 
 >	is from Him that this entire cosmic manifestation has emanated,
 >	in such astonishing variety. With but a slight movement of His 
 >	eyebrow, He at once creates, maintains, and destroys the three 
 >	worlds. You are not like this, my friend, for you are ignorant of
 >	so many things, and although you try to see everything, you can't.
 >	The supremely opulent Lord is the ultimate witness of all actions
 >	in all the worlds. The Supreme is one only, but the individual 
 >	souls are many. You are stunted and impure by material contact,
 >	but He remains untouched by maya and always completely pure. You
 >	are always completely different from Him in these ways."

Perhaps I am jumping the gun here, but I feel I have to say something.  Perhaps
I have missed something in previous messages.  But!!!!

Michael, it is my understanding that Madhva was born on 10th day of
Shukla-paksha in the month of Ashvayuja, 1238AD.  This is a long way off "close
to 1,000 years ago by Sriman Madhvacarya:".  I just thought I would mention
this in passing as you are always berating others about being precice.

As far as the Tattvamuktavali is concerned, I was under the understanding that
it was written by Purnananda Cakravarti, a native of Bengal, who claims, in
verse 117 of the same, to be a disciple of Narayana Bhatta.  By this account,
he would have lived some time in the 17th century.

The Tattvamuktavali consists of 120 verses which attack the views of Advaita. 
It is sometimes known by the name Mayavada-satadusani.

I am hopeing some other well versed Dvaitin will be so kind as to clarify this
point for Michael as we all know how much a stickler for correctness he is.

I would also like to know whether my information is correct or not.
All spelling mistakes are of my own invention.