Another motif found in Hinduism is that of the six-pointed star
(similar to Star of David). One interpretation I have come across is
that it represents yoga - the union of humanity with divinity.

          / \
         /   \
 \     /       \     /
  \   /         \   /
   \ /           \ /
    X             X
   / \           / \
  /   \         /   \
 / *   \       /   * \
         \   /
          \ /

The swastikas are where the two asterisks are.

The 6-pointed star is made of two triangles - one triangle pointing
upwards and another pointing downwards. THe triangle pointing upwards
represents a nara attemptin to reach upward, and the triangle
pointing downward represents narayana reaching down to meet this
person. When the twain meet, yoga is attained.

Now the relationship to the Swastika:
At the base of the triangle poiniting upward, are 2 swastikas, one at
each corner, rotating in opposite directions.

What is the significance of this?

A point to ponder: In our tradition, the six pointed star and the
swastika reside in harmony, whereas in the West (Germany during WWII
in particular) the Swastika and David's Star were at war. What is
important is to educate people around us as to what these symbols
mean to us from a Sanatana Dharma background. It pains me not to be
able to wear a Swastika locket or paint a swastika in a rangoli in
front of my house.

Jai Ramji ki.

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