Re: Reincarnation? Karma?

Anshuman Pandey <apandey@u.washington.edu> wrote:

>On 12 Jun 1995, John Graham wrote:

>> As for reincarnation, the Judao-Christain view of the soul is, generally that 
>> the soul expands or evolves from the parents with the new body, from the 
>> point of conception.  Thence comes the idea of original sin.  The view that 
>> the sould existed before this life, indeed that it was never created at a 
>> point in time, would seem to eliminate the need for reincarnation or sexual 
>> reproduction.  Should my body just not continue to evolve, as it does from 

>In reference to your mentioning original sin, how can you accept the 
>burden, or the "sin," of something you did not do?

>Anshuman Pandey

My understanding of 'original sin' is the wanting of something for
oneself, regardless of what everyone else gets. It is the
identification of one's true Self with something in the external world
i.e. Aham-kara instead of the pure Aham - 'I am this or that' instead
of  'I am'. I think we are all guilty of that!

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