Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Monthly Posting


	     Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh - Bay Area Chapter

Dear friends,

    We (HSS) have been holding regular 'Shakha' (branch) meetings once 
    a week every SUNDAY morning at 8 AM in the Northern California 
    (Silicon Valley). 

    The program runs for an hour. It activities include Yogasanas, 
    games, chanting Ekatmata Stotra (Collection of stanzas depicting 
    unity in Bharat), Geet(Song) and a prepared talk on a previously 
    selected topic.

    Rather than depend on what you hear, read - See for yourself what 
    Sangh is all about. You would be glad you did.

For Shakhas and Sangh activities contact:

Northern California:

	Venkatesh Murthy (vmurthy@informix.com) 
	415 926 6925

Washington DC:

	Madhav Naidu (enaganti_naidu_at_ffs1@mail.amsinc.com)
        703 790 8659  (home) 703 907 7846 (work) 

New York, New York:

	Dilip Deodhar (dilip@aplysia.cpmc.columbia.edu)

Upstate New York (Peekskill):

	Raghavendra Swamy (c1raghav@watson.ibm.com)

Southern California:

	Srinivas Penumaka (srinivas@printrak.com)

Chicago, IL:

	Bhaskar Naidu (bhas@andersen.com)
        312 258 0298

Houston, Texas:

	Vijay Pallod (pallod@aol.com)

Rutherford, New Jersey:

	S Ramanujam


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