VHP plans massive campaign for Ram temple

VHP plans massive campaign on Ram temple
The Hindu,  July 20, 1995
BOMBAY, July 19.
        A  massive  campaign focusing on rebuilding  of  the  Ram
temple at Ayodhya and ``liberation'' of Mathura and Kashi temples
alongwith  a substantive programme for cow-protection would  form
the agenda for the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and organisations linked
to  it  ``to dethrone the secular Government at the  Centre''  in
        Announcing this in a press conference, Mr. Ashok Singhal,
VHP general secretary admitted that due to the two and half  year
ban  on it, ``there had been some setback'' in deployment of  its
full time workers but it was gearing up for a campaign that would
spread  over the next three years so that the  country  ``retains
its identity of being Hindu.''
        When Mr. Singhal was specifically asked if he meant  ``by
dethroning   the  secular  Government,''  installation   of   the
Bharatiya Janata Party in the saddle, he shot back: ``why  not?''
In effect, without mincing much words, he was clearly juxtaposing
the VHP campaign with the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.
        The  October  campaign,  of which  the  Bajrang  Dal  has
already  spoken  out  here, would  revolve  ``around  Bharatmata,
Gangamata  and  Gomata,''  Mr. Singhal said  and  projected  that
``soon  enough, the Congress(I) itself will split into  ``Islamic
Congress  and  Hindu Congress. For the second category,  we  will
provide all support and push them forward.''
        To  him, the 40 years of litigation has not led to a  new
temple  at Ayodhya  ``it will need another 40 years  in  court.''
Muslims are unwilling to surrender it, ``there is no Sardar Patel
to  enact  another Somnath.'' What is demolished  in  five  hours
needs longer to rebuild. Therefore, a pro-Hindu Government has to
come  to power so that the law that protected the 1947 status  to
religious places were repealed.
        ``Our  sants have decided'' that to rebuild  the  temple,
and  ensure  that Lord Krishna's birth place does not  remain  an
idgah  and  the Kashi temple has no mosque with it,  they  should
campaign for it and for this purpose, 275 jeeps as raths would be
sent across the country to ``awaken people to the cause as we did
with the Ram Janmabhoomi issue.''
        At  his acidic best, he switched from  cow-protection,  a
subject  now being talked over at the Bharatiya Govansh  Rakshan-
Samvardhan  Parishad   another VHP linked  organisation   at  its  p73
conference  here and told correspondents that ``if  anything  was
being done in the country, it was to please the Muslim lobby. Cow
slaughter  was one such policy which ``we and  our  organisations
will oppose.''