As elaborate as these rituals sound, it would take up no more than few minutes per day!  Looking for Hindu Resources? : Check out The Hindu Universe

Your Day as a Hindu

Short Prayers for Daily Rituals
As a Hindu, when you wake up, take a bath, engage in educational pursuits or go to bed, you pray -  not because you are helpless, but because you want to thank God for what you have and seek blessings

Prayers for Daily Rituals
Yogasana and Exercise
To Hindus, spirituality must encompass a sound mind and a sound body.  Therefore, daily, Hindus engage in yogasanas and other exercises. 

Yogasana and Exercises
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Daily Pujas and Aarati
Puja and aarati form an integral part of daily Hindu life.  Check out text and audio of aarati and a brief, two minute puja! Or the detailed explanation for Sandhyavandan and Tulsi Puja

Daily Pujas & Aarati
Daily Tribute to Mother India
For Hindus, Mother India- Bharat Mata, is a holy land.  Hindus pay daily tribute to Bharat Mata and the builders and defenders of its civilizations.

Prayers to Mother India