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Shri Bhairon Yantra

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This yantra is said to bring good fortune and the fulfillment of any desires. It is used for improving impoversihed conditions of life and for vashikaran or maran categories. The worship is only to be done at night, for fufillment of a specific desire. The deity is "Bhaironji" who must be offered a particular type of alcoholic beverage. The food offerings are different depending on the day of the week the puja is performed. Always offered are jalebis (powdered milk and sugar formed into a pretzel shape and fried), toasted papadums, gram (chick peas) and apples.The following are added according to the day:

Sunday: Rice which has been boiled in milk rather than water

Monday: Sweetballs made from milk

Tuesday: Ghee and ghur (date sugar)

Wednesday: Milk curds and sugar

Thursday: Basen ladus

Friday: Toasted gram flour (made from chick peas or garbanzo beans)

Saturday : Urad dahl pakoras (urad dahl dipped in flour and fried)


"Om Haring Butkaya Apadudharanaya Kuru Kuru Butkaya Haring Om Swaha"

This mantra must be chanted 1000 times daily for 2px1 days. It is used for self-protection, relief from poverty, and falls into vashikaran and maran categories.

There are certain stipulations according to the uses as follows:

For influencing others the Bhairon mantra is chanted 10,000 times at river bank, or within the jungle. It is to be done on a Thursday morning at sunrise.

No instructions on performing maran mantras or ritual as these are death-inflicting and this is not intended to assist anyone desiring to perform such nefarious actions.

The Bhairon mantra should be chanted 10,000 times while facing the west and only during the night-time. A lamp containing mustard oil should also be lit.

A different mantra is used as follows:

Alternative Mantra
"Om Haring Bhairave Bhairave Thekarhar Maang Raksha Raksha Hoong Phut Swaha"

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Published on: 2004-07-06 (6717 reads)

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