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What is the meaning of AUM or OM?
"Om" is the most sacred syllable often spoken during the practice of any Hindu rites. It is a holy character of the Sanskrit language, the language of God. The character is a composite of three different letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. The English equivalent of those are "a", "u", and "m", and represent the Trinity.
The Trinity is composed of the three supreme Hindu Gods: Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer. These three letters when pronounced properly in unison create an invigorating effect in the body. Because of its significance this sacred syllable is spoken before any chants to show God we remember him. This sign in Hinduism also represents the whole universe.

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Om is also known to be the sound from which this whole universe is created. It is called 'Pranavam' in sanskrit, meaning the beginning of new universe.
2001-Jun-09 1:23am yknaidu@mysun.com
The word AUM is created by the God. This is having a lot of Scenitific Significance. Chanting AUM in a rythmic way can destroy the so many bad elements in the Body and in the Mind. That is the reason AUM is used in the treatment of deseases using the Pranayama Techiniques. Not only this all the Hindu Beliefs (or what ever u call) are having Scentific Signifcance along with the Spiritual Significance.
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