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In Hindu dharma and culture, why do we . . .
Why do Hindus not eat beef, why do Hindu women wear a bindi on their forehead, these and other "Why Do We ..." type questions are answered in this section
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(Answer) Why do we say Namaskar when they meet each other?
(Answer) Why is saffron color considered auspicious?
(Answer) Why do we apply a mark on our forehead?
(Answer) Why do we worship God in different forms?
(Answer) Why do we consider Tulsi sacred?
(Answer) Why do we use Rudraksha uring worship?
(Answer) Why is the Sanctum Sanctorum in a Hindu temple small and dark?
(Answer) Why do we light a lamp, burn camphor and perform Aarti?
(Answer) Why do we chant Shaanti three times at the end of the prayer?
(Answer) Why do we have a Home Shrine or a Puja Room?
(Answer) Why do we apply Vibhuti or Holy Ash over our body?
(Answer) Why do we partake Tirtha or Holy water or take dip in a holy river?
(Answer) Why do we perform Pradakshina or Parikrama?
(Answer) Why do we Invoke God before Puja and Bid God Farewell at the end?
(Answer) Why are Flowers offered to the God during Puja?
(Answer) Why do we consider Lotus Important?
(Answer) Why do we Revere Parents and Teachers as God?
(Answer) Why do we offer Food to God before Eating?
(Answer) Why do we use Coconut in Religious Ceremonies?
(Answer) Why do we Ring a Bell During Worship?
(Answer) Why do we blow a Shankha (Conch) during Worship?
(Answer) Why do we Fast or observe Upavasa?
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