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The Bhagavad Gita, more commonly known as the Gita, is part of the Itihaas scriputre Mahabharata.  It is an extremely popular scripture.

If the Upanishads can be compared to the cow, the Gita is their milk. It is in the form of a dialogue between Lord Sri Krishna and the mighty Pandava warrior Arjuna.

The battlefield of Kurukshetra is its place of origin. Its central message is that one should discharge one's duty however hard and unpleasant it be - bravely and with selfless dedication.

Everyone of us has to perform his or her duty designated as Svadharma to please God, to serve the world and to repay one's debt to the society. Svadharma implies ambition commensurate with one's capacity and the necessary inclination as also the drive to achieve it. Our well being lies in performing our Svadharma. Paradharma, duty suitable for others  but not for us, will positively harm us if chosen by us. 

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